The Real Matrix

August 29, 2006 § Leave a comment

I stumbled upon this gem today. It blows my mind that people actually believe this shite. Nonetheless a great read!
“Reptilian aliens, also known as the
“Anunnaki,” created (invented) human beings
via genetic experiments, and they still rule
Earth to this day.”


“The most successful and widespread form of Reptilian programming on Earth is the human consumption of fluoride. More than 99% of human beings believe that fluoride (fluoride is added to drinking water, toothpaste, etc.) is good for you, when in fact it is a deadly poison, and harmful to humans when consumed in any amount.”

If you’re going to package a theory like this you really need to sell it better, ie getting some web design that doesn’t look like some of the first html ever uploaded to the web. Also leave the Nazis out of your theory. Every theory wants to include the Nazis. They weren’t aliens, they were just evil Germans, accept it.


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