Film Review – 28 Weeks Later

September 2, 2007 § Leave a comment


I’ve decided to expand on the blogging that I’ve been doing in the past and start writing about the different films that I see from day to day. I like to watch all kinds of films, not just “good” ones. Sometimes I can see a film and as long as I walk away with some kind of entertainment it wasn’t a waste of time. That said, I can start on 28 Weeks Later. I put this on with absolutely no expectations at all for it to be anything but more zombie chase scenes. Unfortunately that’s really all that I got. Oscar nominated director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, does a good job keeping the film looking good while the plot suffered severely. I was hoping in this sequel that the writing would expand more on some of the details of the virus, giving it more depth and opening some new plot twists. Instead they don’t really expand on it at all.

This film is pretty much non-stop action from beginning to end. As you know if you’ve seen 28 Days Later, these zombies are fast and pumped full of adrenaline. So that makes for a very faced paced zombie film. In this film we focus on a family that has been torn apart from the virus and a child with two different colored eyes that could pose a possible cure. While most of the scenes are predictable and seem like you’ve seen them all before a hundred times there were a few that were just too entertaining to deny. Harold Perrineau (Lost, Oz, The Matrix) plays an American helicopter pilot, who in an attempt to help his friends escape impending doom, turns his copter blades to the ground, slicing and dicing the zombies into chunks. As ridiculous as it is, scenes like that can be very entertaining, but it starts to run the risk of taking a movie with a great psychological post apocalyptic script, and turning it into a campy horror flick that viewers feel they’ve already seen 50 times.

I assume that a third movie in the series could be in the works and I would love to see it explore further into its roots from the first film, focusing on the dark and psychological side of humanity when facing a possible end to civilization. If you’re into horror and action films I would recommend this film for one of those days where you want to watch something with no investment of too much thought. In the end it’s just really fast zombies with a lot of chasing, shooting and running.


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