NYPD Yellow

August 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

So I’m walking down Delancey St. on Saturday with a friend and we look across Allen St. and there’s a fight going on with two guys, one clearly shaking up the other one. The one guy (with a t-shirt wrapped around his head) jumps on his bike to ride away. Myself and two other guys started to run after him but he was long gone. So we checked on the old man who had been robbed. He seemed fine but shaken up. Then it’s brought to our attention that two of the NYPD’s fattest were there the whole time on either ends of the street directing traffic. They didn’t check on him, they didn’t call for backup, they did absolutely… nothing. When asked why they did nothing, fat traffic cop woman says “It’s loud here, I can’t hear a thing.” Well, I ride my bike across that intersection a few times a day, and it’s never that loud unless she has some sort of ultrasonic hearing. So is this what the NYPD has come to? Pushing innocent bikers to the pavement and watching old men get robbed? I’m sure there’s some very qualified police out there and people need their help for sure, it’s no easy job, but these cops are a disgrace.


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