Hatebreed – For The Lions

April 27, 2009 § Leave a comment


So I got a nice suprise in my iChat this morning. My friend Marco sent me a link to the new Hatebreed covers album For The Lions. After everyone constantly telling me how much they don’t like Hatebreed, I have to tell you that a. I really like Hatebreed and b. They are fucking hard. So if you don’t like Hatebreed, please, I don’t need to have that talk with you. But if you do like Hatebreed… this is an album of them covering some of my favorite punk, hardcore and metal bands of all time. Check it out here!

The track list in extended (Hatebreed covers Supertouch / Shitfit) buy this fucking album.

01. Ghosts Of War [Slayer cover]
02. Suicidal Maniac [Suicidal Tendencies cover]
03. Escape [Metallica cover]
04. Hatebreeders [Misfits cover]
05. Set It Off [Madball cover]
06. Thirsty And Miserable [Black Flag cover]
07. All I Had I Gave [Crowbar cover]
08. Your Mistake [Agnostic Front cover]
09. I’m In Pain [Obituary cover]
10. It’s the Limit [Cro-Mags cover]
11. Refuse – Resist [Sepultura cover]
12. Supertouch – Shitfit [Bad Brains cover]
13. Evil Minds [D.R.I. cover]
14. Shut Me Out [Sick Of It All cover]
15. Sick Of Talk [Negative Approach cover]
16. Life Is Pain [Merauder cover]
17. Hear Me [Judge cover]
18. Boxed In [Subzero cover]


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