Thursday Music Roundup

September 17, 2009 § Leave a comment


New mind-altering upcoming release from Fuck Buttons, Health and The xx’s remix EP


Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport

Fuck Buttons 2008 release, Street Horrrsing, was a brilliant exploration into a melodic, post-rock noise collage. When I first heard Ribs Out, the tribal rhythm and epic progression made me really get into this duo. This same effect can be said for their upcoming release, Tarot Sport, only the graduated scale of emotional progression has gotten greater. The album begins with one of the standout tracks, Surf Solar. The songs sometimes starts as minimal noise, off beat loops and reverb, building into an escalation so intricate with electronic layering and noise the effect is all encompassing. When trying to describe the new album to someone I was blurting out things like what if you merged Mogwai, Animal Collective, Explosions In the Sky and Black Dice into one band? All you really need to know is this album is absolutely FUCKing amazing. Tarot Sport will be released October 12 on ATP.


Health – Get Color

Health is one of those bands that took me a little while to get into. But after I saw them live I knew that I had to go back in and really listen to what these guys were doing. I do have to admit though I actually had to leave the show early because I literally could feel myself going deaf. Health’s live performance¬†is not for the faint of heart, it is a noise filled explosion. Get Color has an overall melodic theme to it though making it a lot more listener friendly. The band also has more female vocals on the album than in the past and it’s great to hear them trying new things. I will definitely go see these guys live again but will definitely be prepared.


The xx – Basic Space EP

In the last music roundup I included The xx’s debut LP. Basic Space is a small compilation of some remixes of their song Basic Space. While I usually am not into remix albums that much, Basic Space is really able to continue the same theme from 2.0 with the remix artists adding their own touches to each track. The standout remix on this EP is by Pariah, who really adds some beautiful ambient, electronic touches to the track. Ladies will love this one.


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