Thursday Music Roundup

September 24, 2009 § Leave a comment


This week: The Mantles, The Raveonettes and Wardruna


The MantlesThe Mantles

This SF band is getting some good press around the nets. I love Nuggets Compilation style 60s rock and The Mantles are obviously very influenced by that era as well. Comparisons could definitely be drawn to their other peers who heavily borrow from that era such as the Black Lips. Influences aside, they are a really talented band and it’s a solid listen all the way through. The Mantles self-titled release is out now so go get it!


The RaveonettesIn and Out of Control

In my opinion The Raveonettes have to be one of the most consistent bands making albums today. So consistent that I really had my doubts about another release from them… but low and behold, yes it’s still awesome. It’s also one of those albums I throw on the speakers at the office and everyone is asking what it is and for me to send it to them. Great, catchy dream pop with just the right touches of distortion. If you don’t like The Raveonettes this album won’t make you a believer, but if you already love them this is another solid album to add to your playlist. Oh and if you don’t like The Raveonettes I probably won’t be friends with you and definitely won’t date you. You can pre-order the album on iTunes, it will be released on October 6.


Wardruna – Runaljod – Gap Var Ginnunga

Do you like spiritual black metal? If the answer is no you should probably stop reading now. But if you’re into the roots of the pagan, Norwegian spiritual culture then read on. The album features Gaahl of Gorgorth fame (yes fucking Gaahl!). I am all about this album right now, especially to work to or just walk around at night to. It’s like attending a viking funeral procession or preparing for battle. Here’s a summary of the project from the band themself:

After many years of working with and studying runes and the ancient and ever young Norse pagan beliefs, the need for me to do a musical project like Wardruna became inevitable. In early 2003 I began doing the first recordings. From then on the concept and methods has slowly evolved and fallen into place. Wardruna search in the scattered ruins of Norse history and use the runes as a tool to understand and evoke the depths of the old nordic pagan beliefs. Musically, the main focus is on recreating the Norse cultic musical language and the near forgotten arts of galder and seidr, as well as the daily acts of life. This is mixed with impulses from Norwegian/Nordic folk music and music from other indigenous cultures.
Runaljod – gap var Ginnunga is the first part in the Runaljod trilogy. Each album features eight runes of the Elder Futhark, but not in accordance with the order of the three aettirs (families), which is most common when working with this futhark. Many of the recordings have taken place outdoors at locations relevant to the different runes. We have primarily used old, historical instruments such as self-made frame drums and ceremonial drums, mouth harp, tagelharpe (‘viking fiddle’), flutes, goat horns, tongue horns and Hardanger fiddle. Also more unconventional inputs like trees, stones, bones, water, fire etc. are employed to enhance the nature of the rune being ‘portrayed’.
Keeping in mind that there will always be a certain room for disagreement and discussion when working with the runes, I would like to emphasize that in my songs it is not necessarily a goal for me to approach the respective rune from every conceivable angle, nor to unravel all the different aspects of it. My approach is both of runologic and mystic nature, but I concentrate on the core of each rune and the qualities that serve the whole concept and purpose of Wardruna best: sowing new seeds and strengthening old roots!

Einar Kvitrafn


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