Tokyo Part One

October 13, 2009 § 1 Comment


My first few days in Tokyo I got to ride around Shibuya a lot and meet the guys at W-Base. Yohei at W-Base is the man and a few guys took me to see some other shops like this one called Dreamworks Cycles in Shibuya. Just look at this beautiful Eddie Merckx being refurbished. The bikes here are impressive to say the least.


On Sunday I rode from Shibuya up to Shinjuku which was a pretty short, but fun ride. The streets here are super smooth and the traffic, although dense, is pretty courteous towards cyclists. Here’s my bike locked up in Shinjuku.


When I arrived in Shinjuku I walked around a bit and finally found Tsunahachi, a famous tempura restaurant. I waited in a line that wrapped down the street but moved surprisingly efficient and fast (what else is new!). I was seated at the bar where the chefs chop fresh vegetables, fish and other ingredients and fry them right in front of you putting each individual piece on you plate. It’s sooo good, everything I had was amazing. The highlight was this tempura clam and miso soup with clams at the bottom of the bowl.


That night I finally met up with Jon in Shinjuku where we explored the insanity of it’s streets. I can totally see how Ridley Scott was inspired to make Blade Runner’s city after a visit to Shinjuku. I’ve never seen so many people in my life as they spilled out of Shinjuku station into the alleyway streets. Total organized chaos.


While in Shinjuku we located Keika Kumamoto Ramen, a famous ramen house, known especially for it’s pork ramen. Just look for the Pig sculpture out front! It is probably the most amazing ramen I’ve ever had, the sauce is creamy and amazing. We stumbled out of there so full and kind of buzzed from all the biiru.


Salvame spotting in Shibuya! Shi-BOOYA NYC represent


My friend Sheina recommended that I hit up Choco Cro in Harajuku. So glad I did because it’s so good. Chunks of chocolate in croissants. One day I had green tea chocolate and another day I had banana chocolate. Tasty!


Monday we were walking around Harajuku and came across this stand. We tried the Takoyaki which is basically battered octopus balls (kind of covered in pancake batter and sauces) really really good!


I can’t tell you the name of this place because everything is in Japanese. It’s located by my hotel and there’s always a line down the block to get in. The ordering is all done electronically through a machine. I had no idea what I was doing so I just pushed a button. It was absolutely amazing noodles. It was Abura-Soba, basically noodles with no broth. You pour vinegar and chili oil on them and they lie on a bed of chili oil. Super spicy and amazing, by far the best noodles I’ve ever had. I will have to go here again!


Here’s Jon at scramble crossing at Shibuya Station last night. It’s totally insane and amazing.

That’s all for now I’m about to go ride and explore more. More photos and video to come!


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