Tokyo Part Three

October 15, 2009 § 4 Comments


Tokyo has these vending machines all over the city where you can get all kinds of drinks from soda, water to hot coffee. Fanta makes this Japanese drink called charge. It kind of tastes like lemon flavored soda with a block of jell-o in it that you suck out as you drink. So gross that it’s awesome.


Today I rode out to Imperial Palace. While I was waiting for Jon to take the train out there I found this beautiful park to sit and relax in after my ride. People were just eating lunch, having a catch and sleeping during their lunch breaks. I love Tokyo.


I told Jon to meet me at this statue. Have you ever seen a more bad-ass statue in your life? Whoever this samurai guy is I guarantee he kicked serious ass to get a statue like this. Respect


We went into the Imperial Palace Gardens, which are absolutely beautiful. A really peaceful place to relax and walk around.


Enormous koi fish! I love them so much. They are like 2.5 feet, so sick.


The lighting was really cool in the gardens so we took tons of photos.


This restaurant only had a Japanese menu so ordering was a little difficult at first. Luckily we know three common words: Sashimi, Tempura and Biiru! Wow, it was so good.


After the Imperial Palace we walked to Akihabara, which is the geek capitol of the world. It’s the electronics center of Tokyo and is filled with computer shops, video games and robots of all shapes and sizes. I picked up all these awesome Kaiju as gifts… maybe one is for you!


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