Tokyo Part Two

October 15, 2009 § 1 Comment


Well, traveling and hitting the city hard every day can take a lot out of you and avoiding sickness can be really difficult abroad. I myself am feeling a bit under the weather here in tokyo after 6 days in the city. I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea and I made my way to the drugstore (where I can’t read any labels!). Seriously nothing here is in english so one of the guys working there handed me some cold medicine and told me to take 3 pills after each meal. I’ve also been keeping hydrated with my favorite drink, Natchan! Just look how cute that label is. Natchan tastes like orange drink, for the true playas that remember that stuff.


Even though I was a little sick I still hung at W-Base before heading over to a photography opening at the North Face store. They love their trick bikes over here, tons of sick BMW builds etc.


Beer is probably the worst thing for you when you have a cold… but it would be rude for me to refuse this amazing can from my host Yohei, always keeping it classy in Tokyo. W-Base crew FTW


W-Base just came out with these new trick forks two days ago. They look really solid. I don’t do tricks but this trip really makes me want to build a trick bike and start.


After a few Kirin’s we headed over to the North Face store in Shibuya to check out Moment In Time by Miyuki Pai Hirai & Yuri Shibuya. The opening was packed and the work was all black and white shots of NYC in the 90s. Quality stuff. I didn’t stay out late though, then I took the next day off to recoup.

I’m feeling a bit better now, even though under my nose feels like I have flesh eating virus or something. I’m riding out to the Imperial Palace in a few so more to come.


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