Tokyo Part Four

October 20, 2009 § 3 Comments


I hit up the Supreme store in Nakameguro. This was the original Supreme store in Japan. They now have five. Supreme does it large in Japan. I picked up a shirt and a hat that i’m psyched on.


While I was riding around in Nakameguro I found some crazy hills. Some of them are really serious, you definitely need to watch out for all the pedestrians. Tokyo is incredibly dense with people. I barely got this shot off before 5 people turned the corner.


I took this while sitting on a bench in Yoyogi Park. This park is so peaceful and beautiful. I really love it. I spent the day just relaxing and reading a book, just enjoying the beautiful Tokyo weather. This was the type of relaxation I really needed.


Also in the park I came across these guys practicing their samurai sword fighting skills. Pretty tough for sure.


I met up with some Japanese fixed-gear riders in the park and we went to the basketball courts to ride. They had some skills. This guy’s rocking the new Starfucker’s trick frame.


I met up with one of my sister’s best friends, Miwa, and we took the train out to Asakusa. Check out the sick buddhist statues at the entrance of this temple, so sick.

I tested my luck at the temple with the Buddhist fortune drawers. Miwa translated it for me, turns out I got the best fortune you can get. Says stuff like I’m about to achieve success with work, love and tons of money I think. If it wasn’t Buddhist I wouldn’t care, but Buddhism is amazing. It’s staying in my wallet!

09 10

After the temple, Miwa and I hit up an Izakaya for some snacks and beers. First on the list is this tako (octopus) dish. Then some fried chicken cartilage. That was is by far the most different of all the things I’ve eaten in Japan, pretty tasty with a very odd texture. Definitely proof that you can fry anything and it will taste good.


This morning I did a 4am ride out to Japan’s largest tourist attraction, Tsukiji Fish Market. It took me about 50 minutes to ride out there from Shibuya and it was great because there were almost no cars on the road. Listening to my iPod and riding around Tokyo at the wee hours of the morning was amazing. The market was a really cool experience in itself. Watching all the fish just arrive and start to get prepared for the market. Look at the size of this fish! Then I stopped into a sushi bar for the freshest sushi you can eat (no photos of that though since no photography was allowed).


I’ve been hanging at my favorite new bar in Nakameguro, the Kinfolk Lounge with my new friends John and Ryan. Kinfolk make beautiful lugged frames and have a really cool lounge to hang in. These guys rule, I’ll miss hanging with them. More to come on Kinfolk Lounge on WeMakeItGood. I’ll be at the lounge tonight if you want to wish me farewell!

Well that’s about it for Tokyo folks, I head back to NYC in the morning. It’s been an amazing two weeks and I’ve made so many new friends. The best part of traveling though is that I get to return to NYC, and see all my friends there. I have a lot to catch up on I’m sure. Sayonara Suckaz!!!


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