Thursday Music Roundup

October 29, 2009 § Leave a comment


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten a solid music roundup in. I’m back from vacation in Tokyo though so here’s a few albums that I’m really into right now. Again, I’m not reviewing them, just recommending them.


ConvergeAxe To Fall

I’ve been waiting on this one for a while. One of the best Hardcore/Metal bands of today with another solid release through and through. If you don’t like Converge you won’t be swayed to all of a sudden listening to their music. But if you’re a fan you will have another album to add to your iPod. Converge has always been one of those bands whose energy is undeniable. I love to listen to them when I’m biking through the city, snowboarding or running in the morning. They are a constant onslaught on your ears and as always bring well written choruses and lyrics. Highly recommended for the non-soft listening fans.


Excoriate – On Pestilent Winds…

Excoriate: a verb, meaning to censure or criticize severely. Two things I’m not really going to do because this album was such a pleasant surprise to me. I had expected it to meld in with all of my other recent metal releases, but this one completely exceeded my expectations. There’s a few main reasons behind this; one being the vocals are so fucking solid and different and the guitars somehow draw the line between thrash and death metal so perfectly. I was trying to describe them to a friend and said that it’s almost like Lemmy yelling into a megaphone. On their myspace page Excoriate puts it bluntly as their status reads “What kind of Core are you guys?” That sums it all up in my book, who fucking cares. There is also a Sepultura cover of Mayhem which made me even happier.


Washed OutHigh Times

On a way more chill note, Washed Out released another cassette release entitled High Times. As they tend to do, they only released like 200 of them on white/clear cassettes, so they are sold out. You’ll probably have to find some other mysterious way of listening then? (Google?) Either way, it’s a great release, whateverthefuck kind of fi they’re calling it these days. Olivia is by far my favorite track, with it’s 80s retro, dance, love. Belong and Good Luck are also great. Highly Recommended!


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