Thursday Music Roundup

November 6, 2009 § Leave a comment


This week: A lot of Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal… oh yeah and maybe even some gothy synthpop? Weird


Mgla – Groza (2008)

This is a black metal release from Mgla from last year. As far as black metal albums go they absolutely nailed their sound. It’s perfectly twisted, evil and melodic. It doesn’t hurt that they have an incredible album cover as well. Mgla (Fog in Polish)  also have some great lyrics: “Lo and behold: the finely crafted, Precise mechanism of sheep and scapegoat. Relative within the borders of universal logic. Collective confidence in moral permanency.” For those of you that can get down with some great Black Metal I highly recommend this one.


Fukpig – Spewings from a Selfish Nation

Definitely topping my charts for most brutal crust infected grindcore massacre with just a bit of black metal is Fukpig. One of the strongest and hardest pieces of grindcore mayhem to be released in a while. I’m sold on these guys across the board. I love the way they mix the deeper death metal style vocals with higher black metal shrieks of terror. Be careful with this one, it may make you smash or set fire to everything in sight.


Cold Cave – Death Comes Close 12″

Following their full release entitled Love Comes Close, goth pop rockers Cold Cave released this 12″ entitled Death Comes Close on Matador. As usual, Matador is still putting out some of my favorite releases around. This 12″ is no exception. I actually like some of these songs more that their full length. Cold Cave won’t be fore everyone but if you like the very goth inspired synthpop sound with a lot of lo-fi instrumentation give them a try. Good stuff.



Slayer – World Painted Blood

Ok, now it’s time to get to the big guns. If I need to explain who or what Slayer are, you should just stop reading now. In my opinion Slayer paved the way for the true trash/speed metal genre. They set a stage for evil metal across the globe and have been one of the most consistent bands of all. This album is no different. If you like Slayer this is another 11 song album to add to your collection. One song after the next of nonstop trash guitars and heavy drums, brutal vocals. They continue their overt criticism of human culture, politics and of course… GOD! They hate him! They love SATAN dummy! A standout track is Hate Worldwide, this song defines what metal is to me. I saw Slayer live when I was 11 years old, that performance and what took place when they played can only be described as absolute chaos done with laser technical accuracy. They are the GOAT!


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