Thursday Music Roundup

November 12, 2009 § Leave a comment


Overmars – Born Again

For this week’s music roundup I’m only posting one track. But it’s 40 minutes long so that should make up for it… While browsing Invisible Oranges, reading about some great Doom and Black Metal albums I came upon this Doom/Sludge gem. The write up over there summed it up way better than I could so I’m just going to “quote” them. This will not be for everyone. That was proven when I was listening to it on my speakers at work and my screen was filled with complaints, people were literally disgusted. It’s shrieking, at times off-beat and incredibly evil. But for me that’s a recipe for a perfect album.

Born Again, a single track, originally came out on in 2007 on Appease Me, the label of Vindsval of Blut aus Nord. Crucial Blast recently reissued it in a digipak with different artwork. It tightens its screw for 39 and a half minutes, pulsing through shades and tonnages of black. Male and female vocals bark and moan with increasing agitation. At first, the landscape seems impossibly bleak: “I’m close to dying a thousand times / But this time I allowed myself to cry.” However, as the track grinds on, it achieves a violent catharsis, wringing both performer and listener dry. Finally, it howls its rebirth: “Listen to the screams coming out of the hole, holding the sound of joy and pleasure / Listen to my screams announcing the birth of a new man.” This record is the sound of sloughing off clichés: four-bar cycles, verse-chorus structures, notions of genre and scene. Eventually, it skins itself down to one bloody chord and the truth.

– Cosmo Lee


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