Thursday Music Roundup

November 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Beach House, Dubstep Allstars: Vol. 07 and Weed Diamond, all over the place as usual.

Beach House – Teen Dream

Beach House’s new album Teen Dream has been one of my most anticipated for a while and it just sprung up on me out of nowhere. I’ve never met a Beach House album that I didn’t like actually. Their first ST album was my favorite, with Apple Orchard becoming my favorite Beach House song of all. If you already love Beach House you should enjoy this album just the same, they continue their dreamy delirious sound and add some new flavors into the mix. I’m sure this one will be blogged about ad nauseum.

Dubstep Allstars: Vol. 07

I always look forward to the Dubstep Allstars mixes. The most recent, mixed by Chef & Ramadanman, is super solid. It’s got a ton of new and old mixed in, with a great arch in the mix taking us through the more melodic stuff into some earth rattling bass wars. Highly recommended for dubstep fiends, but then you’ve probably downloaded this already.

Weed Diamond – Demo

A band that surprised me this week was Denver, Colorado’s Weed Diamond. I was ready to disregard this demo as just another ubertrendster lo-fi EP. It turned out to be pretty solid with a good sound. Warning though, if you don’t like the lo-fi indie pop sound you will not like this. But for fans of the genre this is another good band to add to the playlist and keep an eye on in the future.



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