MMA Rant

August 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a total MMA addict. When fights are on that’s my only priority. Reading the blogs, nerding out on the predictions, I’m into all of it. I’ve long been a fan of the UFC, with no exception these days since they have a roster of some of the strongest talent in the world. Without stating any more of the obvious, there’s a few potential fights that really have me thinking. I think Cain Velasquez’s title shot against Lesner is a super interesting fight. Anyone who has been watching fights and not hiding under a rock this past year has seen that the heavyweight division has come down to three main competitors that will have to cross each others path sooner than later; Lesner, Cain and Junior Dos Santos. First up is Cain vs. Brock, this is a tough fight to call because both fighters seem unstoppable at this point. With Brock’s win over Carwin he proved that he can take the big shots and still put out the W. I don’t really think Cain hits as hard as Carwin but will definitely pose more of a threat with the wrestling and most of all cardio. That in my opinion is his best chance to win this fight, simply tire Brock out. If Cain doesn’t manage to stop Brock, Junior will probably get his shot at the title. If Cain does win then most likely he’ll be taking on Junior who’s coming in with a perfect record and big win over Roy Nelson. The way that the fights between these three work out really interests me and I hope the UFC is able to promote it with all the potential that it holds.


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