A Glimpse of the Apocalypse

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

A few years ago when I read Cormack McCarthy’s pulitzer prize winning novel, The Road, my mind was racing with different visions of a doomed post-apocalyptic Earth. In some of my favorite post-apocalyptic sci-fi films, there is still a level of heroism and fantasy; a hero roams the Earth with free will, fighting villains. Along came The Road and brought a truck sized sledge hammer down on this idea. With McCarthy’s real life sensibility and crystal clear simplicity in his writing style he showed us that the apocalypse is no fun place to be. That brings us to The Vice Travel Guide to Liberia. This 8 part series blew my mind in so many ways. It shows us what I think is the closest thing to what our world would look like in a broken down post-apocalyptic earth. Heroin smoking child-soldiers, AIDS, prostitution, sewage-filled streets and of course cannibalism are rampant in Libera. Go here and watch the entire series, it is sure to give you a different perspective on your comfortable, every day life.


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